Introducing Steel Viking Fitness by Cameron Readman
Introducing Steel Viking Fitness by Cameron Readman
Introducing Steel Viking Fitness

What is Steel Viking Fitness?

A few of you will have seen rumblings of my latest undertaking: Steel Viking Fitness, and be wondering what in the name of Odin’s beard is it all about? Well, the project is in its infancy right now. It’s mostly an idea, but to make it more real I shall speak its name out loud!

WORKOUT like a Viking

Vikings didn’t faff about with cross-trainers or “hot yoga”, whatever that is. No, they got outside and lifted logs, swung axes and rowed their longboats to Albion’s shores. Damn me to Helheim if Vikings weren’t fighting fit, ready to take on the world. It’s part of what made them so successful, it also seems a damn sight more fun to swing an axe instead of a kettlebell. So that’s precisely what we’ll do.

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Splitting logs is just one example of hard hitting functional fitness

BELONG like a Viking

The Vikings were all too aware that keeping their warriors fit was only half the battle. When you’re standing shoulder to shoulder in the shield wall you need to rely on the person next to you, your shields are locked against one another, protecting each other. If even one person breaks, the wall is broken and the enemy will slaughter you. Therefore, Steel Viking is also about cultivating a community that holds each other up and supports one another.

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The shield wall keeps the war band protected

CONQUER like a Viking

With the combination of the above two elements to Steel Viking Fitness, you will also feel the increased confidence that comes with being a part of a Viking warband. You will be able to pillage the week for all it’s worth, as you stand taller with a steely look in your eyes that says “I know what I want, and by Thor’s hammer, I’m going to get it.”

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Become the protagonist of your own story and conquer like a viking!

How does that sound?

Sound like something you want to be a part of? In the short term I will be forming my first warband in Salisbury, UK. However, my plan is franchise this across the UK and further afield fairly quickly. So, if you feel like this is something you want, but don’t live in Salisbury or even the UK, please still make yourself known. You never know, the next warband might be right next you. Even better if you know a qualified fitness instructor and you reckon you’d be able to pull a warband together, there’s a good chance we can get stuff going fairly quickly. So, register your interest on and follow the page on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date as Steel Viking develops!!

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